the wedding.

Are you ready for a GREAT time?

I’ll make this super simple for you - Your wedding day is going to be freaking fantastic.

Listen, despite the fear of an uncertain future, we marry, and boy, does that say a lot about us little humans. Wrapped-up marriage is; hope for a sunny future, faith in each other, and a commitment to sacrificing and choosing each other everyday, over everything else. On a wedding day we come together to affirm and witness the choice of two people to love (like a verb) despite everything. And the result of this gathering is a massive swelling of hearts; a celebration of love so pure that everything else falls away. All that’s left is that enveloping feeling of love, surrounding and filling every inch of our lives, coloring our world - THAT FEELING is what you’ll remember from your wedding day. That feeling is what I capture in my images from your day.

If you haven’t already guessed, I come from the camp that believes your wedding day is pure, uncut magic. My job on your day is to be there for you, support and guide you through the day, witness and immortalize what you see and do not see. If you’re looking for a photographer who listens to your needs, calms and soothes your spirit, lifts you up, delivers authentic, timeless images no matter what, and believes with every ounce of her being that you are living a meaningful and epic moment together - look no further.


Your day and how you choose to celebrate it are unique. I customize every quote for my couples.

Collections start at $2000.

elopements and destination.

Oh so you’re taking this marriage thing and kicking it up a notch? I am so there for it! Just use one of the buttons above to reach out and we’ll craft the perfect coverage. Hurry, I’m getting way too excited.

I believe love is love. All love stories are embraced here. I’d love to chat with you.

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