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Simple and stress-free mini photography sessions.

Space Limited. Read on for booking and FAQ's.

A 'mini-session', as photographers like to call them, is your typical family or couple, session cut in half.  The offerings will vary from business to business but the format is usually the same; A 15-20 minute session and a set number of images for a lowered price.  Many photographers will pack these sessions into one day.  This year, I'll be doing things little differently.

I have a set number of dates available to book between November 1st and December 10th.  Every client gets their own day, their own location within Upper Township NJ and my undivided attention for 30 minutes.

What's the catch?  For this to work out beautifully, I have a few parameters we'll have to stick to!

1) Sessions can take place on the dates and times provided ONLY. 

2) Sessions will take place within the Upper Township area, at one of the below named locations:

- Frog Hollow Bakery/ Tree Farm, Greenfield NJ

- "Secret Spot" in Corbin City, NJ

- Cameron's Wildlife Sanctuary in Palermo, NJ (Sessions booked here must start at 3PM, as the park closes at 4PM)

- 34th Street Beach, Ocean City NJ

The Skinny:

30 Minute Session

Location Choice

15 Edited, High-Res Digital Files



1) Can we have an outfit change?

Mini Sessions are very short, in order for me to give you the most for your time, I advise against spending nay of that time worrying about changing - This includes children.

2) Do you provide props?

I typically do not want to weigh your session down with props since it is a limited time-frame but I can bring one or two of the following: A Neutral Blanket, A Large Basket.

3) I have a baby who is younger than 8 months.  Can we get photos of the baby alone?

If your baby is sitting unsupported, yes we certainly can!  If the baby needs more attention, I would advise booking a regular session instead.

4) Do I get to choose which photos are the ones you edit?

No.  I do save all the images from each session.  If you are, heaven forbid, unhappy with what is delivered.  I can allow you to sneak a peak at the images that didn't make the cut.

5) If there are more than 15 good images, can we have the extras?

If I am editing and I deem it impossible to narrow down your best moments, I will share the additional unedited photos with you and you can decide if you'd like to pay an additional editing fee to receive them.

6) How do you require payment?

To book your session, I require a $50 deposit.  I accept cash, check, and Paypal.

7) How long will it take to get our photos?

My turn around time on the mini sessions will be 1-1.5 weeks.

8) How do we receive the images?

I send you a link to an online gallery where you can download your images.

9) Can we bring our pet?

Yes, but please be mindful that wrangling pets can take up a majority of your session time if we're not careful!  We should keep them on a leash.  If there are any images you want without your pet - you must bring a pet-sitter to hold them. 

10) How do I book!?

Email or call me: daniellesalerno.photo@gmail.com - 609-602-7517

From there I can provide you with the available dates!

I'm looking forward to working with you!