Nassie Ties The Knot

When Cassie started her vows, I felt like I got sucked back in time.  Instead of clicking away at her wedding, I was back in high school, sitting diagonally from her as she talked about wanting to be a writer.  If there was ever a time where her writing felt so right, it was when she read those vows to Nat seven years later.  And there I was, shaking the nostalgia out my head to make sure I kept capturing that infectious laugh of hers.

When people say, "Not a dry eye in the house" you may assume they're exaggerating, at least a little bit.  But Cass and Nat's wedding didn't leave one dry eye within a mile radius.  So many happy and meaningful moments were created that day - it's seriously one for the books.

Cass and Nat, I love you guys.  Just going through your photos had me alternatively jumping out of my chair with excitement and tearing up at your love.  In fact, I'm so excited to get you these images, I'm gonna end it here even though I could say so much more.  Enjoy you two.

{Many photos included in this post were taken By my 'shooting partner' Nikki Robinson.}