and I’m so excited you’re here!

I freaking LOVE my job! I get to come into your life, envelop myself in the magic of your love, inspire sweet interactions and freeze those unbeatable moments in time. After 6 years doing happy dances and climbing over things to ‘get the shot’, I’ve only become steadily more obsessed with illustrating love, nailing the shot, and serving my couples in every way I can. If you seek classic images with a heap of genuine emotion and a dash of adventure, I already know we’ll be fast friends. Let’s grab a virtual coffee and hang!


My mission is to give every ounce of myself to my clients in our time together and beyond. To treat my clients like family, learn their stories, connect with them. To give you permission to express your love in all it’s glory. And to always act out of a place of kindess and gratitude.

More About Me.

I gotta be honest, I love a little bit of everything.

Coffee and Tea. A cozy bed and a morning run. The playful and goofy side of a couple and the romantic, silent side. Maybe it’s the Gemini in me - but it sure does make it tough to write a bio. I can tell you that: Growing up. I always thought I’d be a writer - heck, maybe I still will. Bookstores make me weak in the knees. I was shy kid, with a lot of questions I never asked which I’m definitely making up for now. I’ll nerd-out on Harry Potter and Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. (As much as I wish I were an April Ludgate.) I can’t seem to stop wearing striped shirts. There’s a chance I think I’m a semi-professional baker. I know that continued travel is one of the most important things I’ll ever do. In high-school I met an intriguing, dreamer/musician who is now my husband who has shown me so much about unconditional love. Mexican food could be eaten everyday in our house and sometimes is. Sometimes I decide first figure out the rest later, call it my daring side. Most times, I plan until I can’t anymore and then throw it all out the window as inspiration strikes. I think my purpose in life is to connect, connect, connect, with people on a deep-level and make their day or life better with what I have to offer. The only thing I don’t love is doing nothing - but corner me into some quiet time with a good book and I’ll ‘relax’ the heck out of that moment.


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